Sales Executive, CEB

"I found the executive coaching sessions with Lori extremely helpful and rewarding. Lori is an effective listener and brings a unique perspective to several different situations given her extensive background in the executive coaching realm. Creating tactical and strategic goals early on in the relationship helped guide the coaching sessions, which I looked forward to each week. I recommend Lori's coaching without reservation as it had a profound impact on my professional development."

Assistant Medical Director, Iora Health

"Working with Lori has been a true gift, personally and professionally.  I was first introduced to Lori by the COO of our company who saw an opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills rapidly to keep pace at an exciting start up company.  Over the course of three months, Lori guided me through discovering my work style--how I defined success, value and contribution at work.  We worked through very challenging times, helping me recognize how unquestioned beliefs about myself were causing me to act ineffectively. She was able to combine feedback from colleagues with professional insight in a safe, constructive manner.  Beyond the great progress we made together, having someone as talented as Lori in my corner-- to listen without judgement and point out where I might be drawing conclusions too quickly--transferred some of her wisdom so that I may continue to perform highly after our time ended. There is no greater investment that can be made in your rising star than to allow them to be guided by Lori."

Regional Manager, Cooking Matters

"I first went to see Lori for coaching because I had gotten some new responsibilities at work that involved supervising others. I had no experience with direct supervision in any formal way and I felt it would benefit me to ask for help to be the best I could be at it. Not only did I have a lack of experience as a supervisor--I also wasn't sure I had a real desire to do it. What I appreciated about Lori's style was that she was committed to helping me gain clarity about myself rather than trying to convince me I could do it or should do it. She even set aside her confidence in my ability to do the job well to a certain extent. In other words, I felt as if she wanted to tell me constantly to just do it--you'll be so good at it, trust me! But as a coach she was devoted to helping me get where I needed to get to, helping me reach my own conclusions, instead of trying to convince me to stay in a job that I might not want. I feel this is Lori's greatest strength and asset as a coach. She is an excellent guide who has great compassion and desire to help others be the best version of themselves. After about 6 months of meetings with Lori, I had my annual review and my supervisor was so vocal and positive about the work I was doing with the people I supervised. She was amazed at how I had been able to turn things around and embrace the position I was in. She told me that in private conversations with the people I supervised they all said they felt I had gotten so much better as a supervisor. I attribute this all to my work with Lori. She did not do the work for me, but she created a safe space to explore my options, celebrate my successes, and process my shortcomings and ultimately become a better manager and supervisor. I have no idea what things would look like had I not worked with Lori, but I am sincerely grateful for the clarity I gained about myself and my skills as a result of her coaching."