To learn more about Consulting Services, please contact Lori at to schedule a 30 minute consultation at no cost

Are you an individual seeking a thought partner? Perhaps you are in transition with a new job or a new phase in life?  Lori will collaborate with you in order to help you reflect and examine your current state, challenge your assumptions, and identify relevant goals that will help you optimize your overall satisfaction.

Lori is well known for her ability to create a safe, non judgmental space to allow her clients to forge a meaningful path, while holding them accountable to what’s true for them.  Through her thoughtful questioning, she successfully helps her clients remove obstacles that are getting in their way of being authentic.

 To learn more about Personal Coaching, please contact Lori at to schedule a 30 minute consultation at no cost.

Personal Coaching

  • Improving sales/account management processes
  • Revising organizational charts to maximize existing human capital
  • Granting organizations the tools to deliver strong customer service under any circumstances
  • Training teams around difficult commercial negotiations and conversations to maximize the retention of existing business
Lori will structure a specific engagement that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Rooted in best practices and research-based methodology, Lori works to establish strong and trusting relationships with her clients while taking them through the various phases of coaching. These phases include assessment, 360 feedback, development and implementation. Lori's ultimate goal is to work with her clients to ensure that they can sustain what they have learned once she is no longer coaching them. Lori's strong listening and relationship management skills contribute to her ability to meet each individual exactly where they are, and help them to move forward effectively and efficiently in a way that works for them. Lori is well equipped to work with any type of individual but given her many years of managing individuals and teams, she specializes in helping people manage others effectively.

Lori also works carefully and closely with the organization itself to ensure there is a clear understanding of its business goals and objectives in order to appropriately align them with the individual being coached.  Her professional, honest and direct style make her a well-suited partner to both parties involved.

To learn more about Executive Coaching, please contact Lori at to schedule a 30 minute consultation at no cost

Whether it is simply for one hour or a three-month engagement, Lori works with organizations to determine their most pressing goals
and then devises a tailored, cost-effective plan of action. 

Executive Coaching

Consulting Services