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Today's leaders and rising stars are more overwhelmed than ever.  With technology keeping them constantly connected, compounded by meeting the other very high demands of their jobs, it is infrequent that they have time to stop, reflect and simply think. Using an executive coach allows individuals to do just that, while working with a thought partner to help them process ideas and concepts.  Lori's broad range of professional experience, combined with her formal training in this area, make her ideally suited to help individuals optimize their performance in the work place.
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Organizations often get stuck trying to resolve a problem without an apparently clear solution. A third party perspective with the right combination of experience can often be the missing link to move a stagnant situation along. Lori has the ability to assess a situation quickly and offer compelling solutions rooted in years of experience.
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Lori Ali offers executive coaching and consulting services in the Greater Boston area, focusing in the sales, marketing and account management fields. Lori has extensive corporate experience managing large teams of people and revenue, as well as formal graduate school training and certifications. This combination makes her well- suited to guide organizations and individuals in tackling any number of challenges in practical, pragmatic and effective ways.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."

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